Purcell Murray Appliance Service and Parts Company, Inc.
(pmASAP) a Division of Purcell Murray

Purcell Murray is now handling parts distribution and service coordination for ASKO and we are looking for additional independent servicers to join the ASKO network. We think you will like us because we pay good rates, pay quickly, and want to be easy to work with …. and we won’t nickel and dime you to death to our benefit. I hope you will consider joining us. Read more below. Apply here.

Dear Appliance Servicer,

Purcell Murray Appliance Service and Parts Company (pmASAP) is the exclusive service coordinator and parts distributor for ASKO in the Western United States (i.e., Alaska, California, Hawai’i, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming).

We feel fortunate to be working with some amazing service providers, but are continuing to supplement our service network with additional best-in-class, third party servicers.

As the exclusive distributor for ASKO in the western United States, our goal is not to minimize service costs. Why? We view after sales service as an extension of our sales and marketing efforts. In other words, great after sales service means more future sales.

If you are interested in servicing ASKO appliances, please complete the application and email us your resale certificate and W-9 form.

Why might we be a great fit for you?

In short, because you can make some money and we are easy to work with.

We have a healthy mix of warranty and out-of-warranty work; and all of our jobs feature high net worth customers.

For warranty work, we offer rates that are competitive in each market, and in many cases a premium to market rates.

We understand that service call volume from ASKO will not equate to that of larger, mass premium brands.

Our goal is to make up for the difference in volume by (1) paying competitive rates; (2) paying you quickly, (3) being the easiest manufacturing/distributor partner with which you do business; and (4) not, “nickeling and diming you” to our benefit.

For example, you won’t need some kind of “pre-authorization” from us to do a warranty call. We want to get the consumer handed off to you as quickly as possible, and you fixing their appliance as soon as possible. In an ideal world we don’t even have to be involved in the warranty call until it is complete and you submit the claim to us for payment.

We will process warranty claims in whichever way is easiest for you. We don’t want to be a company that makes you fill out an unending number of forms to be paid. We will require just a few key pieces of data, which you can supply via email, phone, our website, or even carrier pigeon if that’s your thing.

Candidly, we invest way too much time, energy, and political capital building luxury brands only to have our efforts cut down by poor manufacturer service.

We are expanding into service to make sure end customers of our brands receive the service quality they deserve. We believe that working with the best servicers in a supportive way is the best way to accomplish that goal.

We hope you will join us on this journey.

Matt and Kevin Murray

If you are interested in servicing ASKO appliances,
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*Covered states include:
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